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“I was born in Russia – I can still remember walking in the fields with my babushka. When I was six, we moved to Greece, but by age 23 I was feeling stifled and ready to spread my wings. I moved to London, to study and to be free to be myself and reach my full potential.

Here, I was accepted: as a gay person and as a woman who could pursue her ambitions. I studied at an award-winning music school and started curating art exhibitions in Shoreditch and beyond. I loved breaking down the traditional barriers to emerging artistic talent, and sharing new art with the public.

Soon I decided to pursue my own artistic ambitions. I’m a real hands-on person, which is why being a designer and maker means so much to me. I have an intimate relationship with each piece of wood. I select it based on provenance and sustainability, then treat it with care and respect. I love the heartwood, because it is so beautiful and tells a wonderful story.”

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“Each wood grain pattern is unique… like a heartbeat, revealing the
tree’s history.”



Fay Sebel is committed to using sustainable British wood. Salvaged wood comes from trees that have fallen or are being removed for a building, motorway or railway. Salvaged wood is in its natural state and hasn’t already been cut into lumber. Turning this wood into furniture diverts it from landfill and reduces demand for logging or tree farms. Salvaged wood tends to come from older trees, so it’s harder and stronger than young wood, with more character too: deep, rich colours and beautifully intricate wood grain.

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